2024 Club Teams

Since our inception in 2014, Erudite’s focus has been based on developing sound fundamental skills. We believe that it’s far more important to teach youngsters how to play rather than just teaching them a bunch of plays! With that in mind, the following is a summary of how we intend to administer the 2024 season:

Team Roster Size & Tryouts:

Beginning in 2024, we’ll be limiting our team rosters to 8-10 players each. And due to ever increasing inquiries and requests to join the Erudite Family, we’ll be holding tryouts for the first time in years.

Tryouts for the spring 2024 season will be held on October 4 and October 14 at Industry Sports in Mt. Pleasant.

Season Format:

One of the biggest changes we’ll be making is in our season format. Most of us have had kids involved in multiple activities and we know how hard it is to jam everything into a single weekend. So this particular change is intended to ease some of the time burden on our families that an AAU season causes.

To participate in a typical AAU tournament, families give up an entire weekend for essentially one hour of playing time per player. (3 games per weekend, roughly 20 minutes of playing time per player per game = 60 minutes) While tournaments and game play are important, we’ve found that when tournament play is overdone, kids – especially the ones not yet in high school – lose out on important learning and fundamental development opportunities. We believe that we can get game time in a more efficient manner and give a lot of the weekend (and travel expense) back to our families. At the same time we can maximize skills work and the development of situational and game  knowledge. To make that happen, here’s a summary of how next spring’s season will go:

  • Practices will be one or two nights per week, depending on the weekend schedule.

  • We will participate in four tournaments per grade in each grade level during the spring season (High School Teams will have an additional summer game/tournament series as we currently do.) When a tournament weekend is scheduled, we will have a second weeknight practice the week before.

  • On non-tournament weekends, we will hold a two-hour workout for each team that will consist of an hour workout followed by an hour of game play through scrimmages with other organizations. The week prior to these weekends will only require one night of practice.

And as always, when a team would like to do extra tournaments beyond the spring season, we will gladly do that.

Offseason Workouts:

For the first time, we’ll be incorporating a series of winter workouts. In this way we hope to get a jump start on the season, allow us to size uniforms earlier for new players or those who need new gear, and will help develop team chemistry before any games occur. When the regular spring season has concluded, we’ll again be hosting a summer workout series as we have the past few years.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new way of approaching an AAU season, we encourage you to attend one of the tryouts. We’ll be available to address your questions in person. And as always, feel free to contact us by phone or email any time:

Phone: 724-244-0646

Email: eruditebasketball@gmail.com

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